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Rapid Skillz Athletic Training


Mon-Fri 8am – 9pm

Saturday 8am – 8pm

Sunday 11am – 6pm


Proudly Presents – Hit Trax Baseball Summer Series

July 1st – Sept 2nd 2019


Come Compete against players from all over the country and see how you compare!

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Rules for the Series:

  • $50 per team per 1 hour session, 4 games per hour – Team can play as may session as they like between July 1st, 2019 and Sept 2nd, 2019.
  • Teams can consist of 2-5 players
  • Sessions must be scheduled in advance to ensure proper settings be applied
  • Games will be 12 minutes, or 7 Innings in Length, 4 games played in an hour
    • This Keeps the action fast paced and game play on schedule
  • All Players will receive a free pair of batting gloves courtesy of
  • MVP’s will be chosen for each division from all participants from all facilities (1 per division). Those winners will receive a $250 gift card – courtesy of!
  • Age groups
    • 10U, (age 10 and under) Pitch speed at plate 40 mph (+/-5)
    • 13U, (Age 13 and under) Pitch speed at the plate 45 mph (+/-5)
    • High School (age 14+) Pitch Speed at the plate 50 mph (+/-5)
    • Adult Amateur (age 14+ High School settings) Pitch Speed at the plate 50 mph (+/-5)
    • Adult All Star (age 14+ College level settings) Pitch Speed at the plate 55 mph (+/-5)
  • Rapid Skillz will award MVP’s for our facility alone
  • All participants will receive a free Rapid Skillz Summer Camp T-Shirt (limited sizes)



“Our primary goal with HitTrax is to provide a competitive and engaging experience for the players by delivering millisecond response time, accurate metrics, and high-end graphics in an intuitive program.  The result is a system with unmatched performance & value as we provide the key metrics that motivate players and a powerful entertainment ‘wow’ factor that gamifies indoor and outdoor training.


On the training front, we offer key metrics for hitters & pitchers to measure performance and automated reports to chart progress.  Our catching module further innovates training as we measure pop-time, exchange/transition time, arm strength and accuracy while simulating the throw to second and calculating the likely result.  Integrated video can be added to all of our modules for a higher level of analysis and visual feedback coupled with quantitative results.


The gaming and entertainment modules strengthen the player’s competitive nature and keeps them engrossed in the game off the field.  In-house and online Leagues & Tournaments (think X-Box for the cage), HR Derbies and Point Games produce more reps for the players in a fun & competitive environment. “

Hit Trax Brochure

Case Study

Hit Trax Game CenterCompete against players from all over.

Hit Trax Leaderboard See how you compare to players all over! Compete against your fellow team mates and rival teams.

Hit Trax Stats Center – Follow your progress, Analyse you Strengths and grow your short comings. (Subscription may apply for some features)

Launch Angle Report – This is used to identify the angle the ball comes of the bat to game velocity and distance.

Baseline Assessment Reports (BAR) – BAR is used as a starting point in analyzing and improving a player.